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Diggs and Swiggs

Hello and welcome to my shiny new blog! New (old) home, new challenges, new blog. See my “About Me” page at the top for the lowdown, but the story goes as such:

Born, grew up, and all that other stuff in Wisconsin.
Got engaged.
Earned Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film.
Moved to Phoenix, AZ.
Moved to Los Angeles, CA.
Moved back home to Wisconsin.

That pretty much sums up last 2 years of my life. At this exact moment in time,  I am (somewhat) at peace with the world, minus not having a job, living in my parent’s basement, and having no idea what to do with my life. I have lots and lots of free time; thus, le blog. Also crochet, embroidery, screenwriting, reading books, surfing the net, and playing with my cats.

This blog will be completely me. Nerdy, random, inconsistent, and sometimes moody. I have no set plan as to how often I’ll post, or exactly what I’ll post about. If you’d like to join me for the ride, feel free to visit often and see what I’ve been up to. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some wine to drink…and I see a lonely kitty that needs some petting…


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